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Ragtime (6)

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Colin MacDonald's Ragtime March Waltz Web Site Open in a new browser window
   More than 300 ragtime sequences.
Early American Music - Halcyon Days Music Open in a new browser window
   Collection of Early American music from the 19th to early 20th Century in MIDI music format. Ragtime, Fox Trots, Dancing songs included with scans of sheet music and lyrics.
John Farrell's MIDI File Page Open in a new browser window
   Jazz piano MIDI files, mostly John Farrell's transcriptions of recordings by famous traditional jazz and stride pianists.
John Roache's Ragtime MIDI Library Open in a new browser window
   Complete collection of John Roache's Ragtime, Swing, Jazz and Stride Piano MIDI performances; links; MIDI and Ragtime FAQs; Profiles of ragtime performers and composers. Includes music by Robin Frost, Frank French, James P. Johnson, Scott Joplin, James Sc
Keeper's long-lost MIDI files Open in a new browser window
   Sequences from 1988 to the present of mostly ragtime and baroque keyboard works. Includes original ragtime compositions by the founder of the newsgroup.
Ragtime MIDI Files by Warren Trachtman Open in a new browser window
   Ragtime MIDI files of piano pieces by Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Jelly-Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, and others. Piano Soundfonts.

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