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Bear Children's Choir Open in a new browser window
   Promotional site with music catalogue, realaudio and realvideo streaming and downloads, children's games and playground.
Guan Yadong's Pipa Music Open in a new browser window
   Chinese-born player of Oriental and Occidental repertoire. With information on the instrument, MP3 files, movie clips and news items.
MTV Chinese online Open in a new browser window
   Chinese website with videos, music information, and contests.
The Internet Chinese Music Archive Open in a new browser window
   Audio files of genres from traditional to contemporary pop. In Chinese and English.
Unbreakable Spirits: China Rocks Open in a new browser window
   Audio excerpts from the radio series Unbreakable Spirits, an overview of Chinese women's cultural creativity in classical, traditional and contemporary music, in religious practice and cultural ceremony.

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